Residential Backup System 10kWp 14.3kWh

The systems are always designed and built for the requirements of the Client.
In this case, the instalation is self sufficient during summer time, but can also be extended with more solar, Inverter power or storrage capacity at a later stage.

Those are the main componetns:

  • Battery: LiFePO4 14.3kWh 51.2V 280Ah
  • 5kVA Victron Energy MultiPlus-II Inverter for loadshedding / power outages / blackouts
  • 10kWp Solar Panels on the roof
    • 13 x 385Wp Panels are connected to the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 450/100 solar charge controller. The battery is directly charged, no matter if there is AC-Power available or not.
    • 13 x 385Wp Panels are connected to the Fronius Primo 4.6-1 AC-PV-Inverter.
      If the grid fails, the MulitPlus-II provides AC-Power for the Fronius Solar Inverter
  • 22kW Victron Energy EV Charging Station
  • Pricepoint around 30000€

The system features remote monitoring and allows to be updated or troubelshooted remotly.
Having acess to the Victron Energy VRM-Portal, you have all your data available at all time.