Apartment building

This Apartment building hosts 6 parties. Together, they decided to be selfsufficient and have a net-zero electricity bill in future. We could reach their goles by implementing this system:

  • 14.3kWh LiFePO4 Battery
  • 14.7kWp Solar distributed over the Victron SmartSolar 450/200 MPPT charge controller with
    its 4 MPP Trackers and two further indipendent microinverters (total: 36 x 410Wp Solar panels)
  • 3-Phase System with MultiPlus-II 5kVA Inverter/Chargers for a total of 15kVA

Further extensions with even more battery capacity are planned for the near future.
It is also possible, to add more solar on the north-facing roof at a later stage.