Battery development

The German company Autarke Energieversorgung masters the key element of self-sufficiency:

The development and production of high quality, long lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs.


Key specifications and features of the battery packs:

  • 5.3kWh of Energy can be stored
  • 105Ah of capacity
  • 51.2V nominal battery voltage
  • Can be used in parallel with any 16S LiFePO4 Battery packs and allows for easy system extensions
  • Stainless Steel case
  • Cell heating for cold climate
  • Heavy duty, low resistance circuit breaker
  • High quality BMS features:
    • Active cell balancing
    • Inverter CAN communication
      Inverter RS485 communication
    • 2 x Programmable Relais
    • Bluetooth App for easy acess and programming of Relais
    • Inverter communication for up to 16 batteries in parallel and a total capacity of 84.8kWh
    • Firmware upgrades are possible with PC-Software
  • Battery also works without Inverter CAN communication -> very redundant and versatile
  • Touch-Display shows:
    • State of Charge (SOC)
    • Voltage, Current, Temperature
    • Cell voltages and deviation (voltage delta of the cells)
  • Welded aluminium busbars are semiflexible and allow for expansion and contraction of the cells without inflicting force or tension on the battery poles. Furthermore, welded busbars reduce the contact resistance between busbars and cells and are more corrotion resistant over the years.
  • Cells are seperated and enclosed with non-conductive, heat resistand fiber-epoxy sheets
  • Brand new grade A cells from the company EVE
  • 4000 cycles with 80% dept of discharge (DOD) until 80% state of health (SOH) is reached